Car accidents can be one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking situations you will find yourself in.

First of all, you should check that you and everyone else is safe and OK. If emergency services are required call 000 immediately.

When everyone is safe and OK it is important to collect each party’s details. These details help you claim on insurance and in serious cases help police with any investigations. The details you need to collect include:

  1. Driver’s name;
  2. Driver’s address;
  3. Driver’s phone number;
  4. Vehicle registration;
  5. Make and model of car;
  6. Date and time of the accident; and
  7. Location of the accident.

It is a requirement of law that parties exchange relevant contact and insurance details when a motor vehicle accident has occurred. So, what do you do if the other party leaves or refuses to provide you with the relevant information? The incident is now labelled as involving an unidentified vehicle. As such you must try and take steps to identify them including reporting to the police the car make and model, colour and any unusual markings or modifications.

If you have been involved in a motor-vehicle accident please call us on (07) 5445 1213 to discuss your rights and obligations.