Traffic Offences

Traffic offences seem to be minor in comparison to other offences, but the impact of having a driver’s license or losing your driver’s license is significant.

The most common traffic offences are unlicensed driving, disqualified driving, dangerous driving, as well as alcohol and drug related driving offences.

We have solicitors and access to barristers who have, for many years, achieved a good results for clients. We appear for you at court for all types of traffic offences to deal with police, prosecution, police prosecutor and more. Importantly, we prepare all the paperwork. In some instances, there is available to a defendant charged with drink driving a special hardship work license.

Instructing your lawyer early is extremely important if for no other reason than to take advantage of a discount on the penalty, as the court is obliged to give leniency because of an early play. The courts respect that approach. There are steps a defendant can take such as defensive driving and driver education programs to help minimize the penalty and show to the court that you are a better and more responsible driver resulting from the charge. Seek legal advice in the event you fear your driver’s licenses is at risk. The law in relation to traffic matters is complex. You may be surprised as to what is available to you if you need your license for work.

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