If you believe what you see on TV and in movies, the capacity to fabricate stories, gesture wildly, and yell loudly is required to triumph in court. The truth is rather different. Although oral presentation abilities are vital in court, there are many other skills and attributes that are more significant when considering a litigation lawyer for your commercial or civil matter.


Lawyer vs Litigator: What’s the difference?

The terms lawyer and attorney are interchangeable terms for a practitioner who has completed the necessary education to provide legal advice or to represent another in a court of law.

In contrast, a litigator (sometimes known as a trial lawyer) is a lawyer that handles the litigation process. Litigation is the process of bringing a legal action against another individual, group, or company in order to resolve a disagreement. Litigators can represent either defendants or plaintiffs and spend a lot of time in court arguing their positions. Investigations, trials, settlements, appeals, and other steps may be included in the process. Although not all disputes wind up in court, a litigator is well equipped to handle this legal process if it becomes necessary.


Indications that you may need a new litigation lawyer

A lawyer who is about to go to trial must be able to manage well under pressure. They must have stamina and endurance because preparing for and conducting trials takes a lot of time and effort. That is why not every lawyer is suited for commercial and civil litigation. Simply put, if your solicitor is unprepared, unsure, or fails to respond, you need to find a new litigation expert.

Signs you may need a new dispute lawyer:

  • Your commercial/civil issue carries on indefinitely, with no sign of resolution (unless you are a defendant)
  • When you seek answers, your lawyer is unclear, and you don’t get genuine counsel.
  • Your lawyer is disorganized and consistently misses court deadlines.
  • Your lawyer pressures you into mediation or a settlement, refusing to fight your case in court unless you are given a reasoned and adequate explanation as to why settlement is preferable to trial or if you are given the last say.
  • Your lawyer is elusive, or you can’t reach them at all.


So, what does it take to achieve a successful victory for you or your clients in court, and how do you know whether your lawyer has what it takes? The answer is simple – contact our team at Cameron Rogers and Co. Solicitors.

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